Calendar 2024: Plaid

Calendar 2024: Plaid takes woven plaid pattern as its motif.

Cross stitched entirely by hand , the embroiedered calendar's composition references the thread pattern of plain weave, a simple and common where warp and weft threads intersect at right angles forming a criss-cross pattern. 

The plaid composition of the calendar similarly alludes to this criss-cross pattern, using 7 colours to create different blocks of colour expressions for each calendar month. The typography used takes influence from typefaces typically featured in traditional samplers, with each letter's width being modified to fit the plaid pattern grid. The embroidery has then been photographed and offset printed to a 1:1 scale in full colour. Each calendar comes pre-folded in a hand numbered envelop.

Calendar 2024 : Plaid can be used as a decorative print or as a functional calendar. If you wish to use it as a calendar, carefully separate the sheets along the perforated lines by hand.

430 × 330 mm (165 × 218 mm folded)
Offset full colour printing
Edition of 400 
24 euro per copy

Concept and embroidery_Masaki Komoto
Graphic design_Yuri Sato
Photography_Ayako Nishibori
English text editor_Ben Tupper
Printing_RadraaierSSP  (Amsterdam, NL)

Stockist (coming soon)

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Calendar 2024: Plaid



430 x 330 mm (165 x 218 mm 折りたたみの状態) 
400 部

コンセプトと刺繍_ 香本正樹
グラフィックデザイン_ 佐藤友莉
写真_ 西堀綾子
英語文編集_ Ben Tupper
印刷_ RadraaierSSP (アムステルダム、オランダ)